Additional places to find legal help and information:

Texas's free legal information resources: Texas Law Help is a website dedicated to providing free, reliable legal information to low-income Texans.  It is part of a broader effort within the national legal aid community to use technology, specifically the Internet, to enhance and expand the delivery of legal aid.

Self-Help Texas State Law Library website:

Texas Legal Services Referral Directory provides a book of statewide legal services, per-county organizations and statewide self-help resources.

Texas's civil legal aid programs:

Don’t know which office to call? Click HERE for the Texas Legal Services Referral Directory, organized by county on page 2.

Need to hire an attorney?

State Bar of Texas Legal Resources

Still looking for more information?

Affordable Legal Insurance for Texans

Texas Legal is a statewide, nonprofit legal benefit plan that was founded by the State Bar of Texas and the Texas State Legislature in 1972 as an effort to better meet the legal needs of Texans.  This program is where Texans can retain services from a licensed and participating attorney at a reduced cost.  Afer 40 years, Texas Legal continues to help Texans resolve their legal issues and better manage their legal needs.

Active-Duty Military/Veterans Legal Assistance

ABA Home Front

ABA Home Front provides legal information, resources, and a directory of legal programs for veterans, service members, and military families. Programs listed include military legal assistance offices, legal aid and pro bono organizations, lawyer referral and information services, and military-specific programs where available.

ABA Military Pro Bono Project

The ABA Military Pro Bono Project accepts case referrals from military attorneys on behalf of junior-enlisted, active-duty military personnel facing civil legal issues, and it works to place these cases with pro bono attorneys.